A short story on how to create uninspiring meals and stick to your New Year’s resolution.

January 2. Today went definitely better than yesterday. I woke up determined to stay on my vegetarian path. I was a woman with a plan. More specifically a carefully crafted meal plan that included a vegan sausage, a Beyond meat burger patty and leftover beans from yesterday. I was feeling better about myself already.

To celebrate my success of gathering a few vegetarian-friendly items in my fridge, I decided to roll up my sleeves and take my enthusiasm to next level, a.k.a bread making level. “What would taste better than a homemade healthy gluten-free bread for breakfast”, I thought to…

A short story how to overcome a mild hangover, create uninspiring meals and stick to your New Year’s resolution.

Image by silviarita from Pixabay

January 1. I woke up with a mild hangover realizing that it was finally 2021. I stayed in my bed, cuddling my pillow and thinking of my favourite hangover cure — eggs & bacon. Then it hit me. I’m a vegetarian now. My New Year’s resolution to stop eating meat was in effect since midnight, and that meant no more bacon for me. As soon as I was ready to leave the comfort of my warm bed and face the harsh…

Create healthy routines that will keep you occupied and have beneficial impact on your overall health during COVID-19 lockdown.

With a history of anxiety and panic attacks, I’ve always considered self-care important, but it is especially vital during the pandemic lockdown. I developed routines and discovered new activities specifically designed that would help maintain my mental health and give me a sense of purpose during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Download Headspace app

I tried meditation before, but I’ve never done it regularly. Now, I included meditation into my daily routine because the Headspace app makes it so easy. The first thing I do after I wake up and the last thing I do before going to bed is a 2–3 minute mediation. It…

Are you determined to learn Salesforce and get certified? These tips will help you ace your exam.

Source: Trailblazer Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

My first experience with Trailhead by Salesforce left me overwhelmed. I was amazed by the number of available resources, such as modules, trails, blogs, podcasts, live tutorials and all the other means to learn Salesforce. Yet, I did not know where to start since it seemed that the resources were endless. I kept jumping between modules and trails, never completing any of them. I was trying to learn everything at the same time, and it was not working. …

Things you must know about paper towels and why you don’t need them

Paper Towels, Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels
Paper Towels, Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels
Paper Towels, Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

I have always thought of my mum as a cool, modern mom. Ever since I remembered, she always tried to keep up with the technology, mostly noticeable in our kitchen equipped with modern appliances at that time. Yet, I fondly reminisce all the Christmas holidays when my mom would find a set of dishcloths under the tree every year. This particular gift usually came from my grandmother, and it was more practical than a fun gift, but my mom loved the unique flower cloth designs. After they became worn off, my mom used them to clean the floor. It was…

Are you working from home? Six winning strategies that can help you boost your saving account.

Photo by Micheile Henderson, Source: Unsplash

A year ago, the option to work from home permanently seemed like a dream that would never come true to many of us. Fast forward to post Covid-19 world, working from home has become a reality for most of the working population with other lifestyle changes, such as wearing masks in public or sanitizing our hands more often.

What are the pros of the home office? When asked about the benefits of working from home, most people mention autonomy, flexibility and comfort as the main perks. Money saving benefits are often overlooked as people don’t realize that working from home…

Time-consuming, expensive and inconvenient. Those attributes are often associated with zero-waste movement. As proof, the top article that showed on Google after typing these words was called Going Green, and it wasn’t the only one.

Going Zero Wast is fun!

I started my zero waste journey two years ago with setting a goal to live zero waste by 2023. Ever since, I’ve adapted a lot of lifestyle changes, particularly in my shopping habits, eating out and meal preparation or making my cleaning and cosmetic products. It hasn’t always been easy, and I can certainly understand why zero waste might seem time-consuming.

“I am not saying…

Kind Cafe, Vancouver, BC

I entered Kind Cafe, a zero-waste vegan coffee shop, a few minutes past four, and the first thing I noticed was the minimalist interior decor. The combination of green plants, wooden tables, and white walls created a modern-looking and inviting cozy space. The cafe seemed busy, filled with sounds of chatter and a few people standing in line. It appeared that Kind Cafe, another magnificent addition to Vancouver’s zero waste scene, has already gained many people’s hearts. While I was waiting for my turn at the counter, a thought, if I would be the next loyal customer, crossed my mind…

I was working in the customer service industry with no previous Salesforce experience when I decided to become an #AwesomeAdmin. Living in Vancouver, a Canadian Tech Mecca, my decision to transition into a career in the tech industry seemed reasonable but challenging, and I was ready to roll up my sleeves and work hard. Coming from a completely different work background, the most difficult question I had to ask myself at the beginning was how to start my new #AwesomeAdmin career in Salesforce. By doing a bit of research, I discovered that Trailhead had everything I needed and even more.

Simona K.

Passionate Zero Waste Advocate based in Vancouver. Healthy body and mind. Zero Waste living on budget.

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